Government Initiatives

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 Vietnam Silicon Valley Project 4 months startup program led by Ministry of Science and Technology based in Hanoi brings in mentors from across the ecosystem and abroad Hanoi
2 Quang Trung Software City Industrial park dedicated to foster the Vietnamese tech industry and hosts several technology universities as well as big outsourcing companies. Also run an active incubator Ho Chi Minh
3 Saigon HITECH Park Houses up to four startups including startups working on advanced mobile robotics, warehouse robotics technology, and automated smart home technology. Ho Chi Minh www.eng.shtp.

Co-working space, Community, Media and Events

No. Organisation Description Location Website
3 Hub.IT Co-working space and incubation program that facilitates key skills for startups and taps startups into a network of mentors, networking events, and workshops Hanoi
4 DEMO ASEAN Premier platform for unveiling what will come next in the technology industry Ho Chi Minh
5 Ho Chi Minh city-based technology news websites focused mainly on Vietnam and also technology events in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
5 Focuses on building private and public events for founders, startups, and the larger community in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

Accelerators & Incubators

No. Organisation Description Location Website
3 Founder Institute Led by Topica Education Group offering 15-week program for new startups and invites leaders from successful startups in Vietnam to train the newbies Hanoi
4 5Desire Incubator and consulting firm focused on accelerating startups in various sectors in terms of business and resources together while offering a co-working space Hanoi
5 Organizes monthly events, attempting to connect startups across various sectors and is building up the ecosystem in Vietnambesides offering incubation program Hanoi
5 Egg Accelerator Growth hacking incubator that brings in new entrepreneurs and runs them through laps of real business to build experience for their own projects Ho Chi Minh
Last updated – 18 December 2014

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