In order to support/sponsor an expatriate, the Malaysian company must fulfill the basic requirements outlined by the authority.

1. Paid-up capital

To support the application of Employment Pass, a company must meet the minimum paid-up capital according to its shareholding structure:

  • 100% Bumiputra – RM250,000
  • Local + Foreign – RM350,000
  • 100% Foreign – RM500,000

2. Business licensing

Certain principal/ business activities requires a company to obtain relevant licensing or written recommendation letters prior. Some example below:

  • Education – Ministry of Education
  • Medical/ Health – Ministry of Health
  • Aviation – Department of Civil Aviation
  • Tourism – Ministry of Tourism
  • Wholesale, marketing, direct selling – Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism
  • Biotechnology – Biotechnology Corporation of Malaysia

3. Company Financial

Company which recorded negative cashflow or is operating at a loss, may not be eligible.

4. Position offered

The position must require a set of expert skills that a local talent may not be able to fulfill.

Service Providers

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